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This new column is dedicated to those racers that are seeking simple and effective ways to improve their slot car racing results as well as their overall enjoyment of the hobby. We will attempt to address the needs of the experienced, intermediate and novice racer alike. However, because slot car racing is an individual effort, not all solutions will meet every situation. The responses contained in this site will not just be my opinions, but will consist of proven methods and techniques that have produced improved results for racers of all levels.

In future installments we will be sharing information that will help you improve the performance of your cars and your driving skills. We will also address simple but effective ways to maintain your equipment, successfully participate in your local race programs and even the organization of your workbench and slot car box, along with many other topics that will help give you the Racers Edge.

The Racers Edge is planned to be a monthly installment of this website, however certain factors may affect the timeliness of the publication, such as research time, publication deadlines and certainly the personal time of the authors and contributors to this effort. Your questions are important to us, as often the answer to the questions you submit, will help other racers facing the same challenges. So be patient, participate and let's all learn some new stuff.

Please send us your questions and if they are of general interest, we will do our best to answer them in future installments. This publication does not take the place of the Techman Series and is just another way for you to get the information and support your desire to be more successful in your racing efforts and have more fun while you are doing it. This is not a forum to air your opinions, discontent or overall dissatisfaction with some aspect of your life - for that you can still use the SlotSide Forum. We will however share valuable experience from experienced racers and equipment manufacturers from all over the country and do so in an informative and insightful manner.

-Speed Racer

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